Are Love Letters Still A Thing?

Are Love Letters Still A Thing?

Someone somewhere including you might be asking him/herself if love letters are cheesy. Yes, they are, yes, they are still a thing and yes, love letters are still a good idea. Agree or disagree, it is what it is. In the world we live now, the most expensive thing is time and time is money. The best gift one can give is time, spending time with their loved ones and it is an irreplaceable thing. The memories you make will forever be held dearly in the heart. So yeah it is cheesy for someone to spend their time/money writing a letter and it’s totally worth it.

Can love letters work?

Most definitely! Writing a letter needs one to spend time expressing themselves and finding the right words to use. We all know how this can be challenging. Writing a love letter to someone you love is pretty nerve-wracking. I’ve been there and so has many of us out there and am sure this thought has hit your mind at one point or the other.  You might think it is old fashioned since we are in a digital world, but that is what makes it “a thing” and it will never go out of fashion. If you haven’t noticed, when someone sends some flowers to a loved one or buys presents, there is a note/ love letter that goes with it. It is something that will never die and it is romantic. I mean, how can you send flowers without a note or letter to complement it?

If one person expressed how they feel about you in a text message and another person writes you a letter to express how they feel about you, which one do you think will “melt your heart”. Dating and romance have changed so much compared to when our grandfathers used to date. Azizi Ansari, in his book “Modern Romance, goes into a lot of details into how romance has changed within the decades after interviewing and investigating people of all age range. Texting is the ultimate option used in this era. Not that it is a bad thing but one would definitely appreciate being different and taking your time to write, other than a quick text. Besides, letter writing gives you the freedom to express yourself however you want with no restrictions. It is something that will always stay and be cherished.

Where to write love letters

This can be very challenging. Some people prefer pen and paper which show the sincerity of a person to sit and personally write the letter. The world has gone digital. As much as handwritten letters are good and preferable, typing a letter and emailing it or sending it by other means digitally is also good if you ask me. You took the liberty to pour out your heart with whatever resources you had and that’s an act of courage that only the brave can do. Okay when you hit send or mail it, that is bravery!

Love Letters for Someone You Can’t Have

Some of us are not brave enough to hit the send button/mail it especially if it is a letter to your crush/ someone you like/ love and aren’t in a relationship with them yet. This is always done with the notion of “I can’t have him/her”. Well, I guess in some situations it is true and in some, it is just holding out and not risking it. The greatest risk isn’t money or anything else but risking your heart. We only have one so it is understandable to hold on to it and protect it. Nobody wants a broken heart. It hurts! Writing love letters can be an outlet for expressing how you feel especially to “someone you can’t have”. Speaking from true experience, it is a good way to let go of your emotions.

There are some people you know you can’t have and it is definitely wrong but what can you do about it, the heart wants what it wants. Sometimes the greatest way of loving someone is by letting them go. If it was meant to be, it will be! Letter writing helps you get those feelings out there. The movie “To all the Boys I’ve Ever Loved”, the main character writes letters to all the boys she liked at one point or another but never sent them. They eventually got out, nothing ever stays a secret and, in the end, she ended up with one of the guys, with the help of her sister who sent the letters. She eventually risked her heart, read out the 2nd letter she wrote and won herself the guy she loved. Letters are pretty powerful, not just in the fantasy world but even in the real world. There are different love stories and if you ask around, some came to be just because of a love letter!

Love Letters for Long Distance Relationships

It is really hard to keep a long-distance relationship and requires a lot of trust in your partner. Keeping in touch and making sure the spark is still there can be very tricky. You can make calls at the end of the day to know how your loved one is doing and so on. The sweetest and romantic form of expression of how you feel, how you are coping without your partner, how you are longing and yearning for him/her and how you will always be there for them when they need you and profess your love, is through a love letter. This can keep one going for days. Whenever you feel down and lonely, you have that letter to reassure you that someone is thinking about you and is waiting for you. It keeps the fire burning! As much as actions speak louder than words, words can be very powerful.

 Just Do it

Stop overthinking it. Whatever your reason might be for writing one, write it. If it is to confess, or writing to your loved one in a long-distance relationship, or just to pour out your feelings maybe to someone you can’t have, whatever the reason maybe don’t let anyone hold you down especially yourself. You will feel much better after writing it. Trust me, I have written and it has become part of me, writing to pour out how I feel. An innocent letter written out of sincerity can lead to something or change something.

Love Letters by Rackim “Dear Crush”

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